Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Confirmation of Dwarves release in February

Well at least its very close to a confirmation. Games Workshop posted this picture on their daily blog today...

In what is obviously a Dwarvern runic standard on the cover of the first issue of White Dwarf Daily. Interesting there is no mention of Hobbit/LotR, only 40k and Warhammer, and looks to not be country specific.

This was also a nice touch:

Current mail order White Dwarf subscriber?If you have a subscription to the current White Dwarf magazine, your subscription will automatically switch over to Warhammer: Visions. With your first issue, we’re also sending you a free copy of the first issue of new White Dwarf weekly, along with a letter from Jes, the editor, explaining the changes. The price you pay will not change during your subscription period.From March, we’ll begin mailing out your monthly subscriber copy of Warhammer: Visions early so that (Warp storms permitting, of course) you’ll receive your copy during the week before it goes on sale in stores.

So it will be worth something buying a subscription to White Dwarf Visions providing the magazine is any good that is...


  1. Damn you're right I thought that was a Lizard man plaque. Good eyes Jossy!

    I just said no GW spending this year...damn.

  2. Sharp eyes on Warseer noted that the cut-off text on the right hand side probably says 'Belegar', who's the Dwarf King in Karak Eight-Peaks.