Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Forgeworld Launch New Blog - Confirm Book 3 in Horus Heresy

Forgeworld today have finally started their blog up after long ago citing they would

It can be found here

They confirm in this blog what I rumoured a few days ago: Book 3 of the Horus Heresy will be out soon. The timeframe I was given last week was 2-3 months.

Another new tank in the making...

It is interesting timing Forgeworld going live with their blog, as some rumour mongers have been indicating GW and FW websites will be merging.

I can't help but think they are over representing the situation. 

My speculation would be more likely that FW will be taking over production of all resin manufacturing which in turn they will supply the main GW site with resin product lines. They would then continue with their own range of resin models on their own separate site.

This would be a logical move as far as cutting costs went as then GW would only have one resin manufacturing department instead of the current two, not to mention a superior resin production process. (injection/pressure casting instead of the finecast spin casting). FW have had to ramp up their production capacity in the last 6+ months due mainly to the success of the Horus Heresy range of models, which would require significant investment in new plant.

I have been told basically that "I can't see the main GW site selling FW range happening, at least not any time in the near future. If it is happening, nobody has told me which I find unlikely" The same guy said book 3 was out soon which I posted here last week.

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