Monday, 13 January 2014

Pedro Must Die! - Xmas Apocalypse

Over the Xmas break, a few of the locals got together for our annual apocalypse game.

We had the combined forces of destruction made up of World Eaters, Necrons and Orks

Defending them were the Crimson Fists, Blood Angels, Dark Angels Space marines, backed up by Imperial Guard and supported by a Titan Maniple

We set up of the Friday and spent the entire Saturday playing through approximately 24k a side

My Reaver Titan got the opportunity to lay down so fire suppression for the first time. It managed to notch up 3 super kills over the duration of the game.

The game was based around the infamous Pedro and his ability to survive any fight vs the forces of Chaos. One of the guys down here takes him every game and boasts he has never died once. Probably has a lot to do with hiding in fortifications all the time.

With the Blood Angels holding up the Orks almost single handedly, and the Imperial Guard and Dark Angels gun line fending off the Necrons, It was left to Pedro to fight Chaos.

With the support of the Titan Maniple Pedro managed to get the upper hand despite loosing his Aquila Stronghold early on and defeat Chaos yet again without a scratch on him!

Necron vs Imperial Guard + Dark Angels

Imperial forces surround the World Eaters (foreground)

Air support mops up last of the Ork attack on Pedros fortress

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