Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dwarf Rumours

So a lot has been said about Dwarves being released in February, and this matches with the information that I have been previously given, Dwarves being next followed by Wood Elves in April/May.

That same source mentioned some things to me last night about the Dwarf release, although he did say that he had not seen the models. the following are "Rumours" mentioned:

There will be a new Dual kit which will make a Throne carried by 4 Dwarves, in which Thorgrim Grudgebearer or a normal Dwarf Lord can be mounted. The kit will also make the Anvil of Doom, which is swapped out with the seat of the throne and carried by 4 Dwarves, and counts as a mount for a Runelord. The model will be on a 60x100 base and is pictured in a unit.

So from this I get that the new anvil is carried by 4 Dwarves just like the throne, and that the model will have a special character as well as a Lord and Runelord option. I wonder if it will also include the Runelord special character? This all sounds very plausible and very similar to what we have seen with the Dark Elves Cauldron of Blood kit which had a special character (Hellibron) and two other mounted models.

There is a new infantry plastic kit which can make Hammerers and Iron Breakers. The Hammerers are armed with great weapons (Hammers) and the Iron Breakers have hand weapon and shield (axes). The bodies are the same for both with head and weapon swaps.

Sounds like the Dark Elves Executioner/Black Guard kit to me

The other infantry kit is a Troll Slayer unit that can also make a new unit of Berserkers. The kit also makes a giant slayer.

Nothing new here.

The new single plastic figure is a Thane holding a hammer.

Sounds legit

All the existing plastics remain.

Fairly standard these days. The only plastic kit we have seen replaced in recent times was the Dark Elves core troops. Shame the High Elves missed out.

So no mention of Plastic Gyrocopters and a dual kit which makes a huge cannon or a tunnelling machine. Its not to say that these will not happen just that this guy does not mention them. The above looks to be a full allotment for a 1 month release. A forth plastic box could fit in however 5 would indicate a 2 month window for release and open up the possibility of more plastic kits or it may just be a thin release.

At any rate we shall find out within 2 weeks.

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