Friday, 31 January 2014

Avatars of War Dark Elves Vestals of Nemesis up for Pre-Order

As the title says, Avatars of War have released full images and a pre order for their new Vestals of Nemesis or Witch Elves analogue.

Seen here they look to be a nice cohesive unit

These new close ups reveal a few similarities to the Games Workshop ones they are intended to compete with. Some of you may remember this post where I compared the two.

Not to sure of the standard bearers pose and standards offset

Here is a picture of the complete parts set for twenty Vestals of Nemisis

Avatars of War have a great deal going for pre orders. 30 Miniatures for 35 euros. This is normally the price of 20, however you miss out of the exclusive miniature which is only available in the 20 pack.

I have ordered a set of these to compliment the 30 games workshop ones I own already. It will be interesting to compare the two in closer detail. Avatars of War may have come to the party a little late with this launch however I think many of you will still be interested in these which run at aproximatley half the price of the GW origionals. 

The new models from Avatars of War ship in April, so a fairly long lead time for orders, along with their new assassin models previewed here


  1. I must say I am a little disappointed with such an uninspired copy of GW plastic WElves...

    If there was no plastic GW set and the unit was simply inspired by metals - I'd have accepted it much easier.

    But this seems like a really cheap trick - I hope they won't get into IP trouble with GW for that.

    Oh well, at least they're nicer than Mantic models ;)

  2. Not a trick at all, it's competition. GW doesn't get a monopoly on skanky elves. 30 for 35 euros really puts the GW price in perspective.