Monday, 13 January 2014

Avatars of War Dark Elves - Copies or Original's?

Avatars of War posted up a picture of some of their latest work, Dark Elves Vestals of Nemesis.

Now I had to take a double look at these. At first glance I thought the one of the left and the one on the right where Games Workshops new Plastic Witch Elves. But upon closer inspection I find they are not...

Now I like to see other alternatives in the market as much as the next guy, but this appears to me to be nothing original at all, but just a copy and paste of another's work. When I look for alternatives, I want something different and interesting.

The hair style looks like its exactly the same, the pose's are even identical on some of them. To me they offer nothing new nor original to the market and I can't help but feel that its just an attempt to cash in on some anti GW sentiment...

Big thumbs down from me, and I will be avoiding these at any rate.


  1. G'day Tim,

    They do look the same, and they're obviously an attempt to supply Witch Elves to Warhammer players. But if AoW price them similar to their Corrupters, then they'll work out to about NZ$3.50 per model (including guestimated freight), compared to NZ$8.00 for GW ones. Even if they're priced like the Thunder Warriors, they'll be around NZ$5.00 each. The quality looks comparable too.

    Witch Elves are quite a good unit these days it seems. So you might not like them, but you can expect to see lots of them from our Dark Elf friends......


    1. you do what everyone else is doing and buy raging hero's vestals.

      i'd be interested in these. The GW imagery of witch elves has been around for a long time 20+ years. Besides what's not to like enoumous hair, big weapons, boots.

    2. Like an 80's rock video.

    3. You just have to compare the front right AoW model to the front left GW model. They are practically identical...

  2. AoW has been planning this since before any Dark Elf leaks - they've just been busy with a Kickstarter for female sci fi soldiers. I don't think the sculpts are a direct copy of the new models, but it does highlight how close their concept art was to the early GW stuff that the new GW releases are looking back to.