Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

So earlier this year I participated in Raging Heroes the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter  at a Lieutenant level. I think this was one of the better executed miniature kickstarters with a lot of stretch goals and added bonuses for participating.

They recently posted up some finished designs for most of their troops and heroines.
Unfortunately, and I don't think I am alone here, this leaves me in a predicament...

Which ones do I go for? I was leaning towards the "Jailbirds" initially but they all look very good. I imagine that they will most likely end up as a Necromunda gang or alternatively there even looks to be some good "Adeptis Sororatis" representations in the range that I could use as 
allies for my Imperial Fists.

One thing is for sure, Raging Heroes has managed to design some very nice models. Up until recently there had not been very many options for good sculpts of female Sci fi miniatures. However there seams to have been an explosion in the market of late. Who woulda thunk that boobs sell?!...  Here are some pictures in case you have not seen the range yet.


  1. Not a big fan of this Kickstarter. Looks like it is aim squarely at the Neckbeard market. Sculpts are fine but the content is just a bit too obvious in a Sucker Punch kind of way.

    1. You say that, but my wife wants to buy an inordinate number of these when they come out (we didn't have the spare cash when the Kickstarter was running).

    2. Anything that gets the Mrs involved is a big plus from my point of view!

  2. I think it's freaking awesome! Love the ideas. Looking for strong female characters to base my next cosplay costume on. Since my first one as evil wonder woman I have a small local fan base and next year I want a more passive strong character. Since I am an Army Warrior, I love this & will probably buy much of this , Whether I do a costume on it or not.