Friday, 11 October 2013

Games Workshop Digital Releases

If you have not already cottoned on to it (or have been living under a rock/pineapple) Games Workshop has been pushing ahead with digital products like never before

Recently announced, Imperial Fists will be the first supplement to Warhammer 40K: Space Marines, Sentinels of Terra

Centred around the deeds of the 3rd company and its captain Garadon it also features background a lore about the Imperial Fists themselves. 

An interesting angle and a deviation in a way from the other supplements, I think we can expect to see company specific supplements for several chapters. This theory is backed up by the comprehensive rules for each chapter included in the main codex.

Another recent announcement is the new Sisters of Battle Codex called Adepta Sororitas which appears to be more than just a reprint of the White Dwarf Released Codex from yesteryear. There is new rules, point adjustments and new artwork as well. It could prove a good enough medium to support the less popular races in the future, and even release new armies. Here's hoping for an Adeptus Mechanicus Codex in 6th!

So far these releases have only been available on iBooks for iPad owners. It appears that they only released the Eldar Codex on other formats, and stopped after that, which I find a huge shame. In Australasia you can't even get the iBooks as Apple/GW won't market them here (although they do say they are in negotiations to do so... whatever that means)

What has been most interesting about this exercise of late is the new facebook page called Games Workshop Digital Editions. If you have not seen this yet go take a look here. One of the most impressive things about this webpage is the fact comments are enabled and Games Workshop actually responds to your questions! Lots of previews and sneak peaks of what's coming up. Its a welcome change from the previous poor/ill advised policies of not engaging with their most loyal customer base (and thus turning them towards other products). Hopefully more of this to come...

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  1. Oh man, I am sooooooo psyched for a new Sisters Codex. I know it's just an update to the WD articles, but there's at LEAST new Warlord Traits!
    Counting down the days!