Wednesday, 23 October 2013

November White Dwarf: Dark Elves Wave 2 Pictures + more

 So this months White Dwarf has the expected second wave of Dark Elves in it:

 The new 96 page Triumph and Treachery book allows you to play 3-5 player games and comes complete with card set and slip cover

 The next Apocalypse instalment is released in the form of Pandorax

 The new highly anticipated Technical paints get released in November as well

 Mega Paint set is back along with new "Chaos" dice cubes

 Both 40k and fantasy get a plethora of limited edition plastic bundles offering good discounts from RRP
Yes you read that right... DISCOUNTS!

 Forgeworld gives us some samples of up and coming releases. Amusingly we have all seen these as finished examples at games day...

Included in White Dwarf this month is the holiday bundle guide with all the limited edition sets


  1. Do you know the bundle prices in USD? :D

    1. I think the US price list is up on Warseer WHFB rumours

    2. If they are, I can't find them.

  2. The dark elf prices, and the prices for the books, are on a pricelist lexicanum posted on their FB page, which was linked on warseer in the Dark elf thread. I'd appreciate getting the € prices for all of these while we're on the topic