Sunday, 13 October 2013

Raging Heroes - Dark Elves Concept Art

Raging Heroes previewed a long time ago a few sketches of a potential Dark Elves project that they would take to kick starter. It now appears that they have decided to press ahead with it.

They have started by releasing a lot on concept art work and making an announcement they wish to start a new kickstarter based on them (and potentially sci fi variants) as soon as they ship their "Toughest Girls in the Universe" kickstarter. 

After the success of the well received "Toughest Girls in the Universe" kickstarter, I can only expect this one to be popular as well, considering the new found popularity of Dark Elves in the Warhammer world.

I am looking forward to the Succubus to proxy as Harpies. There also looks to be a lot of nice sketches of characters. This is where I think they will have some of the biggest success in the range. Games Workshop character models leave a lot to be desired in the Dark Elf range.

They better do a Dark Pegasus! and preferably with a few wing options as any self respecting Dark Elves player wants a few of them in his/her army!

Can't help but think they may have missed the boat a little with timing...


  1. The cauldron has to be close to GW's IP

    1. They would get away with it I think as this artwork was apparently done over a year ago...

    2. Great news. I'm quite keen on using these as alternatives to some of the GW models... have been watching their site for a while. Did suspect that they may wait to see what GW brought out before going public with their line-up. I'll definitely sign up for a kickstarter. Would like to run an all-girls DE army. Have some great Gamezone figues already