Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Titan Story - Part 2

Bit of a work in progress here. A lot of cleaning and prep happening over the long weekend

Three out of four Warhound feet completed. The fourth one is awaiting a part to the toe so I can finish it as I was missing one from the set. I have not pinned any joints or fittings on the feet relying on the 5 minute epoxy resin to hold everything together. I am still looking at drilling from inside the ball socket through each toe and inserting a 1mm pin

Who knew Reaver guns where so massive. You could knock someone out with one of these!

Both Reaver arm weapons with a MKIV marine for posterity.

The Apocalypse missile launcher beside a MKIV marine for size comparison. Another solid chunk of resin.

Warhound guns look positively small compared to their big brothers. The Plasma cannon and mega bolter are basically one piece, however you need to attach the two barrels on the laser cannon. I did not pin the barrels as the take no weight, and pins would offer no additional strength in this case.

Pre assembly of the legs. There is a lot of prep that you don't realise until half way through here. Many attempts dry fitting everything together before applying glue helped me from making mistakes such as not fitting the pistons first. I use 5 minute Arildite (epoxy resin) to glue everything together once I had the angles in the desired position. This set is for the "walking" Warhound. The other one will be standing prone. The angles in this set of legs ended up being very similar which threw me off a little at first. 

To set up the angles I used bluetak and a strategic spot of super glue to hold things in place as I set the three lengths into position. You need to take a bit of time to get this right before applying glue as you want to achieve as close to level mid section (not pictured) as you can, although I have found that moving the feet closer or further apart will make up a few millimetres to get it perfect.

Here you can see where I put two pins through the hinged joints for added strength. These pins are perpendicular to any forces in the model so will actually achieve something. There is about 2kgs of weight in the upper body of a Warhound once assembled! Too many pins will actually weaken the model.You may notice a lot of greenstuff in the mid section. I received a poor casting of several components which was disappointing. I am already currently awaiting replacements for several parts. It mainly appears to be the Warounds that have miscasts (my Infernous Cannon was horribly miscast) whereas the Reaver appears to be near perfect.

 Here is all the main components laid out ready for final assembly for the legs. I have a little more work to do cleaning up/greenstuff before the next stage and I need to decide whether or not to pin the toes. Next up are the two carapaces and main body + head of the Warhounds. I am saving the Reaver for last at this point (unless it gets the better of me)

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