Thursday, 24 October 2013

New Releases from Forgeworld - Fire Raptor

The Fire Raptor is now available from Forgeworld. We previously seen this previewed at the last games day in UK, and the new pictures just add to its reputation!

The Fire Raptor Gunship is a specialised variant of the Storm Eagle known to have its origins in the Imperium’s dim and distant past. The vehicle is configured to maximise ammunition stowage in order to feed the voracious appetite of its numerous weapons and this is achieved by sacrificing the Storm Eagle’s transport capacity.

The secrets of the Fire Raptors construction were lost sometime after the Horus Heresy but Fire Raptors are now being fielded in increasing numbers across the countless war zones of the 41st Millennium, suggesting that an as-yet unidentified Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World or Adeptus Astartes Chapter Forge has come into possession of a complete STC imprint. 

The Fire Raptor Gunship, designed by Stuart Williamson, is a complete resin and plastic kit armed with twin-linked avenger bolt cannon, wing-mounted hellstrike missiles and two ball turrets sporting either quad heavy bolters or twin-linked autocannon. This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Thursday 31st October. Experimental rules for this model can be found here.

And on another note, my copy of The Horus Heresy Book II: Massacre has been shipped!

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