Friday, 8 November 2013

First look - Dark Elves second wave

So over the weekend Games Workshop released the second wave of the Dark Elves.

The new Warlock and Dark Rider Kit

The kit is based on three medium sized sprues which are all unique.

The warlocks share most of the kit with each of the two model variants. The main parts that differentiate between them are the heads, arms (including weapons), and upper torso. 
The Dark Steeds cruel masters (GW sculptors) have resulted in "lipless" mounts. I have read many people talking about how the teeth are too big etc. Scaling these back would make the model look ever more odd IMO. However I think this can easily be rectified with a little green stuff and putting the lips back on.

I plan on using the Warlock upper torsos/head/weapons with Daemonette's from the steeds of Slannesh  to kit bash my Warlocks. i plan to mount them on Fenrisian Wolves to complete the more feral look since they are meant to be outcasts and renegades.

The new Scourgerunner and Cold One Chariot kit

The kit comes complete with three medium sized sprues, an instruction booklet, and a transfer sheet.

The options included for making the two types of chariots are mostly unique and the main components used between the two are the yoke, harness, chariot floor and wheel. There are two sets of sides as well as the two different draft animals. 

The crew share almost no parts between the two, with only the ropes to the harness being the common ground. There are however more than enough parts to make the two left over crew completely separate from the chariot. A clever person would be able to magnetize the kit to make both options with a little fuss. 

On the other hand, making the Cold One Chariot leaves you with two Dark Steeds and two Corsair/Beast Master crew, including a rather nice cloak. I plan to use the Dark Steeds for character mounts and the spare crew to make characters, particularly the Beast Master and his cloak!

The new Black Guard and Executioners kit

There are two full sized sprues, plus two half sprues. The two larger ones are identical and the small ones are also the same as each other. This kit is essentially made up of three half sized sprues. 

Once again the kit comes complete with a transfer sheet. This is really nice to see and makes a nice change from the High Elves release where you had to purchase the transfers separate. 
Unfortunately GW got it wrong with the embossed shields removing the one easy way to use the transfers effectively. 

They however have released a shields pack (direct only) with finecast shields. These have arms moulded into them to suit you Dreadspear models.

The one problem with the kit is the join line between the shoulder pads. If you are not careful this seam wont square up flush and will leave an unsightly gap that will need to be filled. It is a common problem with the Dark Elves range along with other GW models. A little liquid greenstuff should fix the problem...

All in all its been a good few months for the Dark Elves. GW has shown that once again they are willing to break the mould and change the release cycle formula when needed. With five books remaining there is arguable several cases for this to occur again, however the apparent schedule for 9th is due in the third quarter of 2014, it remains to be seen if we will see all the races redone for 8th. Next up though, Dwarves and Wood Elves....

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  1. Great post Jossy. Great to get a first look at 'em. I'm finding the models better looking than the GW paint jobs in the WD suggest them to be. I was a bit hesitant about the executioners (I really like the old ones) But these guys look really mean! Pity about those lips on the horses. Bring that green stuff closer! Bring on the Dwarfs next! My pocket is already groaning in anticipation.