Monday, 11 November 2013

A Titan Story - Part 3

Last week Forgeworld delivered the replacement parts to my Titans enabling me to finish building the Warhounds feet and legs assembly

Pictured above is the second set of feet. The front foot on each picture will be the forward foot on the finished model. You can notice a slightly greater backwards angle on the ball socket. This pose will be more of a prone stance, one foot forward but braced for firing off the rear foot.

The first set of legs is now fully assembled and pinned. Both legs balance perfectly on a level surface. The legs are shown above with one of the shin guards in place.

This side view gives a good idea in how dynamic you can build the Warhound. This first Warhound is in a walking motion and can easily imagine it striding into battle guns blazing.

With the legs lying flat its easy to see the subtle differences are mainly in the positioning of the foot. The difference in angle is ever so subtle between the two.

Another flat angle view of the first leg assembly. Once the second set is finished I will have one Warhound in a dynamic shooting pose and this one walking. A nice contrast. 

This last picture you can see the two magnets in the bracket on the lower front leg. These are what holds the shin guards in place as there are two different designs. Each kit comes with four guards in total, two of each. It would also be a shame to hide all the detail underneath.

The last thing to do to the legs is fit all the pistons around the lower and upper ball joints. I will wait until I finish the waist section and fix that into place before attaching all the pistons. Then its off for a bath to get rid of all the oils and residue from building before getting primed. 

Next up: Second Warhound legs to finish assembling, and progress on the Reaver Titan!

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