Saturday, 16 November 2013

Raging Heroes Dark Elves Kickstarter confirmed

A few days ago Raging Heroes updated their "Toughest Girls of the Galaxy" Kickstarter page with a plethora of new sculpts and digital designs for the upcoming range. 

Hidden away in all the words (and there was a lot!) was this little snippets:

The Dark Elves...

We were very excited to get so much positive feedback on the Dark Elves concepts, and on the prospect of focusing our future Kickstarter on the Dark Elves and the Sisters of Eternal Mercy. To be honest, we were not quite sure that doing a DE Kickstarter was the right thing to do next, but apparently, you are telling us that we should not hesitate.
So, as previously explained, this project will include both Fantasy and SF versions of our Dark Elves and of our Sisters of Eternal Mercy. But it will have to wait a bit, because right now, we are putting all of our energy into delivering the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy.

Highly anticipated but I am still doing a happy dance! I simply can't wait for this, however the timing is very unfortunate since I want them now...

If you are not familiar with the standard and quality of their work here are some pictures from the latest wave of previews:

The rest of the images and words can be found here

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