Saturday, 23 November 2013

New Terrain from Forgeworld

I did not see the news flash in my inbox but Forgeworld have finally released the Castellum Stronghold previewed at Dames Day

 When the situation calls for a prolonged deployment, Space Marines can rapidly construct modular fortified structures, known as Castellum Strongholds, to use as forward operating bases on a planet’s surface.

Designed by Blake Spence, the Realm of Battle Space Marine Castellum Stronghold is a 24" x 24" (609 mm x 609 mm) tile which can fit the Citadel Realm of Battle board. The model features areas that can accommodate Tarantula Sentry turrets, and its design allows several boards to be put together, expanding the size of the base. The Castellum Stronghold will be available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Saturday 30th November.

Castellum Strongholds were used in our Isstvan V display boards at Games Day UK which you can seehere.

There are also some bundles on offer with savings of about 10-15%

Also today we see some new additions to Zone Mortalis. Looks to be some warpage in the examples...

Online exclusive deal. The Realm of Battle Zone Mortalis Set contains all four of the Zone Mortalis individual tiles, allowing for a huge range of possible corridor arrangements covering a total area of 2' x 2' (600mm x 600mm). Epsilon ComplexEta ComplexTheta Complex and Zeta Complex are each 1' x 1' (300mm x 300mm) tiles that are fully compatible and interchangeable with each other.Detailed hollow resin tiles, designed by Blake Spence. To see our video of Zone Mortalis click here.

The Zone Mortalis tiles use hollow resin, which allows us to produce highly detailed, light and very durable scenery pieces. Due to the casting process of this material, it is sometimes possible to find small air bubbles on these terrain pieces. These are easy to fill as our Working with Resin guide explains. Blast doors shown in some images available separately.  Figures shown in some images for illustration purposes only. The last image shown to illustrate how expandable the set is.

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