Wednesday, 27 November 2013

December White Dwarf - Pics inside

To a lot of peoples anguish, and my amusement there are no Tyranids to be seen! Save GW hasn't released a new army in December for as long as I can remember... it was a long shot.

So what do we get this month?

First up is Sigmars Blood, a campaign book reenacting the battles between the Empire and VC with Volkmar vs Manfred heading up each side. Price comes in cheaper than an army book @ $77 NZD

Then theres the announcement that WHFB rulebook will be available in digital format on both iPad and Android/PDF!

Next we look at 40k with the new Escalation rule book introducing Superheavies into regular games. Its priced the same as a Codex

Then we get Stronghold assault, adding all the rules for fortifications to be used

We also get the Ultimate Edition of the Space Marine Codex. 

And to finish off , we get a whole crap load of Hobbit minis... Yawn...

Pretty damn uninspiring month to be honest, unless of course if you like the Hobbit minis. No Smaug though, so complete let down!

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