Thursday, 19 September 2013

Return from the Grave

Well guys I am back. If you didn't miss me well thats your loss. If you did.. bro!
If you did not know I took the opportunity to backpack around Europe for a few months after attending the ETC on Team New Zealand! 

I managed to fit in the great pilgrimage to Warhammer World and came out a bit lighter in the pocket...

 An imposing site

 The complex is rather large

 An Ultramarine's Rino greets you on your way into the car park

 The gateway to Warhammer World

 Original artwork is displayed on the stairs up to Warhammer World

 The gaming hall

 Some of the gaming tables are the ones from White Dwarf

 Eavy Metal display room. Note the Tyranid display front and centre.

 Bugmans Bar

 Trophy Orc!

 Bad Moon Banner

 Evil Suns Banner

 Bugmans XXXXXX

Mmmm Fat Bloke burger with curly fries

What you see here is the parts for a Reaver Titan and two Warhound Titans...

I have always wanted the challenge of building and painting a Titan, but I never banked on three of them. To me they represent the 40k universe in all its glory.

Eventually the above will turn into the following....

Will keep you all posted!

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