Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dark Elves on the Horizon

Lock your doors and hide your children, as the new Dark Elves look to be coming to a tabletop near you soon!

Dark Elves are always a sinister arrival...

Games Workshop have also posted a teaser video on their daily blog. Here is the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4FkKf98Z2o

The $USD pricing translates to the following in $NZD (based of same product price comparisons)

Army Book $98
Magic Cards $10
Shadowblade $52
Dreadspears $64
Witch Elves $105
Kharibdyss $125 $100 using new SM Stalker/Hunter price
Cauldron of Blood $135 $115 using new SM Centurion price
Shield Pack $22

The above prices are only estimates based on the US prices (as a lot of US pricing is inconsistent with local pricing eg: High Elf elites). I expect to have correct pricing tomorrow... along with some pictures...

Now I must say, Dark Elves are one of my few true loves in WHFB. They where the first army I used in a tournament environment almost 18 years ago, and I am looking forward to brushing off all the dust on my aged collection! however... 

Those Witch Elves will have to be something special for the price of a Bastiladon or Skycutter! Not only that we have the new price points for both the Cauldron of Blood and Kharibdyss. Now I expect the NZD price to be less than what I have posted above as over the last few years US-NZ pricing gap has closed somewhat. We will also have to wait another day to see if any of the plastic kits are dual kits (or more!)

Another interesting observation on the US price list. NO FINECAST? Seriously not a single finecast product to be seen... This is new as every other army release has included a couple of new finecast models alongside the plastics/book. I can only imagine this may have something to do with the rumoured second wave release (Black Guard are notably missing off the release). I also note that 4 new plastic boxes are scheduled, although not unusual (WoC, SM etc) makes it a larger than average release.

We live in interesting times, as if the price list is correct, Games Workshop is starting to break from their usual mould for new releases. Not unexpected from my corner, as it has been indicated to me by friends in the know that a lot of things have changed (for the better according to them) since the former CEO left.

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