Monday, 30 September 2013

Games Day Pictures & News

Here is a compilation of games days UK pictures

Lorgar, the next Primarch after Ferrus (and to be followed by Horus who will be the 5th)

Imperial Fists supplement next month (happy dance time)

The Dark Elf Battle Magic set. Note 8 spells, so there is infact 2 signatures just like High magic.

New Dread Saurian. Bit of a deviation from the art in the book.

K'daai back on display

Mechanicum dudes

New Mechanicum Guns for the Automata

Iron Hands Terminators

Alpha Legion doors

Even the Sicaran needs a bigger gun every now and then

New Mechanicum duders

A very impressive diorama (no I am not being biased because its Imperial Fists) 

Sicaran venator out next month, photo's above. 

AdMech Thralls possibly out in November, possibly compatable with IG plastics 

AdMech Myrmidons - still WIP (weapon options) 

Legion Basilisk WIP 

Land Raider Achilles MkIIB almost complete. 

Legion Kharybdis Assault claw, drop pod with weapon system. Can land vertically 

Myrmidons still WIP, out 'soon' 

Grave Wardens Terminators WIP 

Night Raptors out xmas/jan 

Lorgar release Dec/Jan 

5th Primarch IS... HORUS 

FW Extermination. Out Easter 14. 2/3 finished. 

Last part of first trilogy: 
pt2 isstval V 
plus fists & IW - battle of phall. 
plus Paramar - RG, IW, Alpha legion etc 

Titan legions in book 3 - War Gryff's & Tiger Eyes.

More to come as there discovered

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