Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ferrus Manus Released by FW

Hot on the heals of book II: Massacre, the Gorgon has been released by Forgeworld!

The Primarch of the Iron Hands Legion was a figure of legend amongst the peoples of his home world of Medusa, named by them ‘the Gorgon’ after the most ancient of mythic creatures. Ferrus was amongst the strongest of the Primarchs, reflected in this giant figure, dwarfing many of his brother Primarchs.
Forge World will be attending UK Games Day, held on Sunday 29th September at the NIA in Birmingham, and Ferrus Manus, the latest model in our Horus Heresy Character series, will be available to purchase on the day. As part of our Games Day UK previews, we have a feature on the Forge World Visual Feed about the Primarch of the Iron Hands Legion. In our latest video, designer Simon Egan talks about how he created the model of the Gorgon and how it can be incorporated with Fulgrim to form a stunning diorama.

This marks the first of the loyal legions to receive some Primarch love by Forgeworld, and it has me expecting great things come Rogal Dorn!

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