Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dark Elves Price List (NZD/AUD)

I've just received the price list for the Dark Elves release for New Zealand and Australia, and all us Kiwi's and Aussies will be very happy to know that the models atleast are very close to what the US prices are!

Dark Elf army book: $US 49.50 $AU 83 $NZ 98
Dark Elves Battle magic: $US 6 $AU 8.5 $NZ 10
Shadowblade: $US 20 $AU 22 $NZ 26
Dreadspears: $US 35 $AU 45 $NZ 50
Witchelves: $US 60 $AU 70 $NZ 80
Hydra: $US 65 $AU 70 $NZ 85
Cauldron: $US 75 $AU 80 $NZ 95

So this may well be considered a price increase for the US, but here in New Zealand and Australia some of it is a price drop! The $85 and $95 price points are less than the equivalent of the High Elves models of similar size/sprue count, however the Witchelves and Dreadspears are similar price points to compaitriates from other ranges... 

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  1. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if GW has decided that they've reached their price saturation point in Aus/NZ, where prices can't continue here as they have done relative to the rest of the world (i.e, at a 40% plus increase). Maybe they finally saw that they can't plug the international distributors reaching us, and that prices would have to be equalised.

    Impossible to prove of course, but a pleasing change in pricing policy if nothing else. Still frickin' expensive too. Those Witch Elves are slightly more expensive than the Raging Heroes Blood Vestals in metal.

    But at least it's just as expensive as it is anywhere else, not ridiculously more so.