Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dark Elves rules leaks - Updated!

The lads over at kiwihammer podcast have managed to get their hands on a White Dwarf a little bit earlier than most. They report the following:
Black Guard are ItP, ASF, Eternal hatred, Stubborn, Murderess prowess
Stats are 5, 5, 4, 3, 3, 1, 6, 2, 9

War Hydra is 180 points including fiery roar. Interesting the WD description talks about a lashing tail and poisoned tipped claws (possible upgrades IMO). The WD describes the War Hydra being able to regain wounds during the game, and then goes on to say its like an improved regeneration rule.

Dreadspears are 9ppm with Shield and spear, whilst rptxbows are 12ppm.

All Dark Elves all have ASF, Hatred (High Elves), and murderess prowess special rules

Witchelves also have Frenzy, and Poisoned attacks ontop of ASF, Hatred (HE) and MP. 
The frenzy is increased to +2 attacks with the CoB apparently (unconfirmed)

The CoB also magnifies murderous prowess - reroll all failed to wound rolls instead of just 1's

A High Beastlord has the ability to boost nearby monster units. Unsure of how. Presumably you can still get a beastlord hero as the High beastlord is a lord option.

The Medusa can be taken on a mount (bloodwrack throne) or on foot (er tail)
On foot it is 90ppm and is selected from the rare option, has some sort of shooting attack with kb

New Releases
  • The DE Army book is written by Matt Ward
  • The largest dual kit is the Cauldron of Blood which allows you to make either a Cauldron of Blood or a Bloodwrack Medusa. You can also use this kit to make the special character Crone Hellebron.
  • The next dual kit is Witch Elves and the Sisters of Slaughter – Sisters of Slaughter are apparently the lost daughters of fallen noble houses and look great.
  • The new DE Core box allows you to make your warriors with Spears, Swords and Shields or Repeater Cross-bows.
  • The Dual Hydra/Kharibdyss kit looks pretty good, there are pictures of the Hydra with different paint schemes that actually look a lot better than the leaked photo we’ve already seen.
  • The Special Character Shadowblade  is a single pose figure that will come in a clampack
  • There is a Lore of Dark Magic Card set being released.
Army Special Rules/Points Cost
  • Dark Elves now have the armywide special rule of ASF (unsure if this will apply to monsters/cold ones)
  • Dark Elves also have Hatred but presumably only in the first round
  • Black Guard have eternal hatred, ASF, Stubborn, Murderess prowess
  • New Rule called murderous prowess allows Dark Elves to re-roll 1′s to wound. Unsure if this will extend to shooting and magic.
  • There is a new Beastmaster Lord Level Character which costs 300 points when naked on a Manticore
  • Witch Elves are core and 11 points per model. They can also take magical banners.
  • A unit of 40 Spear Elves and of 30 Xbow Elves with Full command costs 390 points. Unsure what options were used but that means the warriors were 12 points per model. If you do the maths on this it means that Spears are 9ppm and Crossbows are 12.
  • A DE Sorceress Hero looks to be 80 points
  • Cauldrons of Blood still come out of Hero slots and look to have increased in points. They can join units and one of their powers allows a unit to re-roll to wound. In the Batrep a unit with a Cauldron and this buff up deletes a unit of SOBigunz.
  • Bloodwrack Medusas are rare and have a shooting attack called Bloodwrack Stare. Not sure what it does
  • Hydras can now regain wounds in a manner similar to the Slann with the regen power of the old ones. They are now 180 points including breath weapon, and have monster+handler.
  • Lore of Dark Magic – The attribute is called spiteful conjuration and does extra wounds to enemies that have spells cast on them. Unsure of how the mechanic works but could be similar to Tz lore attribute?
  • Lore of Dark Magic – Only spell mentioned is called Word of Pain and it reduces WS/BS/I
  • A Dreadlord with Heavy Armour and a Shield on a Black Dragon costs 449 points.
  • Cold Ones are 30 points and have 2 Attacks, unsure if the cold ones themselves have ASF

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