Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Krak Report - April edition

Hello from the future! So to try something new I am going to write 'The Krak Report'. Hopefully (time dependant) it will become a regular monthly article recapping some key events and news in the wargaming world that sparked my interest, here at the bottom of the world!

Tau Release

So the month started with Games Workshop releasing the new range of Tau. Not being a huge 
fan of the Tau there was an interesting array of new models following GW's standard release format of a Plastic big gribbly, some middle sized duders, an infantry sized unit and a plastic character + a small range of finecast specials. The army needed a shot in the arm and the local 40k fanboys are all jumping on the bandwagon. I played a game against them using my Necrons and wrecked some hobby. Its ok when its 40k!

High Elves Pre Release and Rumours/Leaks

Last month seen the High Elves release get some traction. Not only did we get a nice little easter egg when a North American GW store leaked the following pictures

GW then managed to top this effort by giving us a complete preview of all the special rules and units on the iBook store! Safe to say this created a lot of content on the interwebs! We even managed to get the WD leaked almost a week earlier than normal. Lets hope it roles like this in the future...

Full details of the rules roundup for High Elves can be found here:

Secret Weapon Tablescapes Kickstarter Campaign

Secret Weapon Miniatures launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new range 'Tablescapes', a huge array of 12"x12" tiles so that you can make your very own unique table for wargaming. 

Not only was it funded on the first day, the campaign is still going with several more stretch goals to unlock. Its currently sitting at about $175k with no signs of slowing down. If your in the market for a landscape to wage war over, be if Fantasy, Scifi, or Historical, you can't go past these. They feature up to 1" raised/depressed features and are fully textured injection moulded plastic, and the selection currently available allows huge potential for never fighting the same battle twice! I'm currently pledged for two 4x6' tables and if they unlock the 'Ruined Temple' theme, no doubt I will be in for another! The 'trenchworks' theme will be one of a kind when unlocked!

You can find the link to the kickstarter campaign here:
It still has a little under two weeks to go with delivery in October. The big factor here is that international delivery is basically FREE! Secret Weapon is now also offering a 20% discount to backers of the kickstarter. All you need to do is pledge additional $$$ and get great discounts on their usual range! check it out now.

Mantic and the Copy Cat Brigade

While I am on it Mantic Games also launched another Kickstarter, this time for their Deadzone game, which is basically a rip off of GW's Necromunda of old. Their campaign was funded within 33 minutes of going live. Details can be found here:

Mantic, can you please come up with something original instead of just copying Games Workshops games? Its popular enough but not my cup of tea. Each to there own I guess.

WHFB Tournament Roundup

Runefang was held in Wellington on the 27th & 28th with a field of 28. I didn't make this one thanks to air fairs being over $700! Congratulations go to Pete for proving once again that Skaven is the most broken book in 8th! David Appleby helped prove this point by coming in third with the rats as well. Sam Whitt managed a healthy podium (1st one ever?) but still managed to be the bridesmaid. Full results can be found here:


The good ol' US of A held the annual Adepticon in Lombard Illinois this year. And what a feast for everyone in the tabletop gaming world. We had amazing paint jobs from single miniatures right through to complete armies, new products released or previewed to the market, and even drama on table one! (WHFB) The twitteratzi was in full swing providing commentary to the masses and video/pictures coming out from the event inspired us all. This is a must attend event for any gamer and there is now talk of us Kiwis coming over next year to invade stateside with our particular brand of hobby! You have been warned...

Hobby Corner

April seen me get some hobby mojo back! 
It started with a huge clean up of the mess that is my man cave. New shelves and a lot of new storage containers enabled me to finally see my desk again. Off to the stationary shop to pick up an A2 size cutting mat and what a difference!
Then with all the talk of High Elves I dragged out the old pointy ears and started cleaning them up. I use to run an all cavalry army back in the day and if rumours remain true this will be viable again! I now have dozens of Seaguard, Dragon Princes, Chariots and characters all cleaned up and ready for undercoating. Lets see if they can get further than a base coat!
Not only that I learnt how to paint yellow! Often reported as the most difficult colour to paint and get right, I am very pleased with how my first batch of Imperial Fists turned out. Now to finish them and base them up. Easier said than done for me...

A huge order of Forgeworld stuff turned up on my doorstep last month to add to my Imperial Fists collection, including 20 Devastators, 10 more Tactial Marines, a Land Raider Proteus and a Storm Eagle. That should keep me busy over the winter months and keep up with the Field of Blood Tale of X Heresy Gamers Pete is running... although I notice with the exchange rate the 20 pack of Terminators sneaks in under the $400 mark...

I also worked some more on my Chaos Dwarfs in preparation for the ETC later this year. I still have a long way to go and its likely the list will change but at least my warmachine's crew are well underway. I started building a Hellcannon in finecast. The cast is good and no issues so far, but wow it requires a lot of cleaning! Now to try and finish them... I have a tendency not to do that...

Tweet Tweet

I joined Twitter! There has been a rather profound community developing on there and it appears to have continental appeal, particularly in the UK. I'm only ankle deep so far but living at the bottom of the world it looks like a great way to stay involved. You can find me by searching Jossy@plastic_krak on twitter

Parting Shot

I have just picked up a new camera with a fancy Macro that can go down to 30mm, so I now have no excuse to start posting some pictures of my mundane efforts at the hobby. Hopefully this will get me motivate to finish projects more!

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