Sunday, 28 April 2013

High Elves Army Book Leak from iBook Store - Huge rules dump!

Pre orders are up for High Elves, and along with that the iBook store has the book up for pre order...

Except that the preview includes the glossary, with hyperlinks to all the rules, spells and magic items!

So here is a compilation thats been floating around on the interwebs. Enjoy!


ASF, Martial Prowess and Valour of Ages are army wide

Lileath's Blessing: Mages get +1 to cast High Magic now instead

Reckless - Dragon mages get +2 to cast spells from the lore of fire

Warrior mage - First spell generated by dragon mage is always flaming sword.

Fireborn - 2+ ward save vs. wounds caused by flaming attacks

Lion Cloaks - Models wearing a lion cloak add +2 to their armour saves vs non-magical shooting attacks.

Ilthilmir Barding - No movement penalty  for models using this barding

Some stats on Dragons have changed. WS, St, T and W are:
5 for Sun Dragons
6 for Moon Dragons with Ld.8
and 7 for Star Dragons with Ld.9 and A6
They all have a3+ AS
Dragon Fire - A dragon's breath weapon is S4, flaming
Still Large targets, flying, terror etc

Deflect shots - 6+ ward against non-magical shooting attacks

Dragon Armor - 5+ armor, 6+ ward and Fireborn Special rule (2+ ward vs flaming attacks)

Eagle Eye Bolt Throwers
24" range, S5 with multiple wounds D3, no AS

Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers are now 70 points

Windrider - A Sea Helm (character) on a Lothern Skycutter has 4+ ward against shooting attacks.  Can Skycutter can also re-roll dangerous terrain tests.

Blessings of Ausryan - Any units that contain an anointed of Asuryan have a  6+ ward save and ItP.

Attuned to Magic - 5+ ward save. All close combat attacks count as magical. 
When you roll to determine the strength of the winds of magic in your magic phase, you compare the highest roll on a single D6 to determine the effect:
1: -1 ward save
2: -1 Strength
3: +1 Initiative
4: +1 Attack
5: +1 Strength
6: +1 ward save (ie 4+)

Naval Discipline - If a unit contains at least one sea helm (character) and is successfully charged during the enemy movement phase, it may attempt to change formation (after opponent moves all of his charging units).  If a Leadership test is passed, the unit may immediately make a combat reform. Cannot be use this if the unit has made a flee or stand and shoot reaction.

Great Eagles are 1+ for 50 points each
Can upgrade to:
Swiftsense = ASF for 10ppm
Shredding Talons for 5ppm = AP

Flamespyre Phoenix - 225 points
Fireborn, Attuned to Magic, Flaming Attacks, Fly, Large Target, Terror
WS5 S5 T5 W5 I4 A3 and Ld of 8
Phoenix Reborn - When it dies, place a phoenix reborn counter where it died. At the end of each turn, roll a d6 for each phoenix reborn counter.
1 - 2 dead forever. Remove counter.
3 - 5 Put the large round template over the marker, all models (friend and foe) suffer a s4 flaming hit
6+ It rises from the ashes. Place it anywhere within 6" of the counter, and at least 1" away with d3+2 wounds left.
Wake of Fire - May choose a unit that it moved across, that unit then suffers d6 s4 hits plus d3 extra hits per rank (not including the first rank). Hits are flaming attacks

Frostheart Phoenix - 240 points
5+ AS, WS6 S6 T6 5W 4A and Ld of 9
Attuned to magic, 
 Fly, Large Target, Terror
Blizzard aura - Enemy units in base contact with him have ASL and are -1S

Magic items

Blade of leaping gold - 70 points
Wielder gains +3 attacks and any to wound roll of a 6 ignores AS

Star Lance - 30 points
Bearer has +3S on the charge and no AS can be made vs attacks from the star lance

Reaver Bow - 20 points
Strength is user +1, Multiple shots x3

Armor of Caledor - 50 points
2+ save, 6+ Ward, 2+ ward vs. flaming attacks

Shadow Armor - 25 points
Wearer gets a 5+ AS, the Scouts special rule and the Strider special rule

Shield of the Mermrym - 15pts
Shield. Parry save increased to 4+, can be used with a magic weapon. Cannot be used with a weapon that requires two hands.

Golden crown of Atrazar - 10 points
Talisman, one use only
2+ ward against first wound

Moranion's wayshard - 50 points
enchanted item
Models on foot only.  Model gains ambushers special rule.  He can give a unit of archers or Spearmen (up to a maximum of 30 in size) units the same rule (chosen immediately before deployment).  If he does, he has to join that unit

Kharine's Ring of Fury - 25 points
Bound Spell, enchanted item.
Ring cast the spell Soul Quench from High Magic lore ie 18" 2d6 S4 hits

Gem of Sunfire - 20 points
Enchanted Item.
One use only.
All bearer's spells, shooting attacks, close combat (including his mounts) have +1 to wound, and they also have the flaming attacks special rule.

Cloak of Beards - 10 points
Enchanted item.  Wearer causes Fear.  In addition, the wearer cause terror vs Dwarfs, however the Dwarfs gain hatred vs. the wearer.  At the start of each combat phase, roll a d6 for each magic item (including runic items) carried by each model from warhammer armies book: dwarfs in base contact with wearer.  On a roll of a 4+, the magic item is destroyed!

Book of Hoeth - 55 points
The bearer can re-roll a single die from each of his attempts to cast or dispel. Results of a 6 cannot be re-rolled.

Banner of World Dragon - 50 points
Unit has a 2+ ward against all wounds caused by spells, magic weapons, and magical attacks.  Furthermore, all dragons within 12" of the Banner of the World Dragon have Stubborn special rule!

High Magic Spells:

Shield of Saphery - lore attribute
Each time a spell is successfully ast, the caster and his unit immediately gain +1 to their ward.  If no ward save, you gain a 6+. Maximum ward save 3+, and is cumulative.

Drain Magic - Signature 7+
18" range
Can target friendly or enemy, becomes an augment for friendly units, and a hex on enemy units
all RIP spells affecting the unit are immediately dispelled, and the effects of all other spells on the target unit immediately come to an end.
Affects all units with 18" range

Soul Quench - Signature 8+
magical missile
18" range
2d6 s4 hits
4d6 s4 hits

Apotheosis 5+
18" range
target immediately regains 1 wound 
Target gains fear special rule for remainder of game
d3 wounds instead of 1. 

Arcane Un-forging 13+
Direct damage 
24"  range
Target a single enemy model.  Target suffers a wound on a roll of equal to or greater than the unmodified armor save.  No saves allowed.  
Target reveals all magic items, one randomly selected item is destroyed on 2+.

Fiery Convocation 19+
Direct damage 
24" range
Target enemy within 24" takes a Strength 4 flaming hit
At the end of every subsequent magic phase, every model suffers an additional Strength 4 flaming hit.

Hand of Glory 5+
18" range
Target's WS, BS, I or M (choose one) is increased by D3
All the above stats increased by D3

Tempest 12+
direct damage
30" range
Place the large round template within 30" of caster, it then scatters d6".  Models hit under the template suffer a s3 hit (flyers suffer a s4 hit).  Any model that suffers an unsaved wound suffers -1 to all rolls to hit in both shooting and combat.  Non BS skill shooting requires a 4+ to fire.

Walk between worlds 8+
Caster gains Ethereal special rule and then can immediately make a move of up to 10" as if it were remaining moves phase.
The special move is increased to 20"


  1. Great thx for this post!

    Why there is 2 signature spells? U can choose one or our high mages know both?

    There are two kinds of bolt thrower now? Price of both is the same(70)? Could u write something more about them?

    1. No idea about the signature spells. I assume you may choose either. There is 8 spells in total for High Magic with each spell representing one of the colours.

      The Eagle Eye bolt thrower is the one mounted on the flying chariots, were as the eagle claw is the normal repeater bolt thrower

  2. Sweet that point decrease might actually make it worth taking!