Wednesday, 24 April 2013

High Elves - Rumour roundup

Yes this is the new book cover!

Well this is more than a rumour roundup, its more a confirmation of what we will see in the new book. I've left the extortion rates in another post (read - prices)

Gone: Speed of Asuryan...

It is replaced with Always Strike first!
Martial Prowess and Valour of Ages remain

Deflect shots: Models with this special rule have a 6+ ward save against non-magical shooting attacks that do not have a template

Swordmasters of Hoeth and Loremasters of Hoeth have this rule

Loremaster of Hoeth:
M5 WS6 BS4 St4 T3 W3 I7 A3 Ld9
L2 mage. Does not role for spells, instead it automatically gets the signature spell of all the 8 battlemagic lores

White Lion Chariot is stubborn, but only the charioteers get ASF

Dragon Mage stats are unchanged. 
Reckless special rule grants them +2 to cast spells from the lore of fire instead of extra dice. Can wear Dragon Armour

Known magic items:
Khaines Ring of Fury
Gem of Sunfire
Banner of the World Dragon

2 Signature Spells:

Drain magic, 7+ to cast. Cast on any unit (friend or foe) as an augment/hex within 18". All RiP spells are immediatley dispelled, and the effects of ALL other spells on target unit immediately cease! Boosted to effect all friend/enemy units within 18" on a 14+

Soul Quench, 8+ to cast, 2D6 St4 18" range, 16+ 4D6 St4


1. Apotheosis, augment 5+ to cast, target immediately regains a lost wound. boosted 10+ regains +D3 wounds. Target gains fear until next magic phase.

2. Hand of Glory, augment, 5+, 18" range, WS, BS, I, or M (you choose) increased by D3. Boosted 10+ increase all listed characteristics (roll one D3 for all)

Lore Attribute: Each time a spell is cast, the caster and his unit gain +1 to their ward save (to a maximum of 3+). Models with no ward save gain a 6+

Known army composition:

Flamespyre Phoenix
Frostheart Phoenix
Sisters of Averlorn
Eagle Claw bolt thrower

Lothern Skycutter

Ellyrian Reavers

Loremasters of Hoeth
Annointed of Asuryan

Sea Helm

Flamespyre Phoenix comes back to life on a role of 6+. It requires a marker to be left in place so this either happens at the end of the turn/next magic phase or every turn. It deploys within 6" of the marker. Gains special abilities based on WoM rolls (owners turn determines). One result is 4+ ward save. Has flaming attacks and a special rule 'Wake of Fire', which means units it fly over take damage (in the battle report in WD it did 6 wounds to leadbelchers). It has at least 4 wounds.

Frostheart Phoenix are just old Flamespyre Phoenicies

Both types can be ridden by an anointed of Asuryan or by Caradryan

Theres a special character/unique Phoenix called Ashtari. I think its the mount for Caradryan

The Flamespyre kit can build a foot version of an anointed of Asuryan

Lothern Skycutters
3 variants: Eagle eye bolt thrower, trio of Lothern Sea Guard, or mount for new character type Sea Helm. They are pulled by a Swiftfeather Roc, which is a huge giant eagle.

Maidenguard are rares with magical flaming bows. They have the wychfire special rule (lets hope its not like DoC). They are not handmaidens!

Handmaidens are now new character option in hero

Shadow Warriors are still special and still have the skirmish rule

Mat Ward is the author of Warhammer High Elves new army book!


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  2. Thanks ! But what's the wcyhfire rule from the DoC ? I'm really looking forward the girls !

  3. DoC have the Warpflame special rule. When a unit is hit with a spell/attack that have this rule, after damage have been resolved the unit takes a toughnes test. If they fail, they lose another D3 wounds with no Armour saves.. if they pass this test they get a 6+ Regeneration save. If they allready have Regeneration they get a +1 to it. So for excample a Dark Elf War Hydra if it passes the toughness test now hve a 3+ Regen save.