Wednesday, 24 April 2013

High Elves New Release Prices

Ok, go take a seat, cause you are going to want to be sitting down for this...

Books & Cards
High Elves army book - $98 / $83
Uniform and Heraldry of the High Elves - $57 / $48
High Elves Battle magic - $10 / $8.50

Flamespyre/Frostheart Phoenix - $105 / $90
High Elves Battalion - $220 / $190
Lothern Skycutter - $105 / $90
Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Averlorn - $81 / $70
Loremaster of Hoeth - $26 / $22

Alarielle the radiant - $33 / $28
Handmaiden of the Everqueen - $31 / $26
Chracian Shields upgrade pack - $36 / $30

All prices are in NZD / AUD


Sorry GW, won't be supporting local stockists with those prices. Your just taking the piss now.
Come back to us when you reduce your prices 30-40% to something more realistic for this market.


  1. They're pretty much the exact same as the last few releases though... I don't get why people are suddenly getting their panties in a twist now?

    1. I didnt expect the Pheonix to be $105. I was expecting $91

  2. My panties were twisted at the old prices, which is why I haven't bought a new GW model since 2011 (and that was through Maelstrom).

    I'll buy the Army Book, but everything else I'll try to proxy, but second hand or use another manufacturer's figures to substitute. It's not like we need to use GW figures for our tournaments.

    1. See, that's a fair enough stance. Its all the people who've just started complaining about the ridiculous prices as if they haven't been that way years that I find odd...