Saturday, 6 April 2013

Upcoming releases from Forgeworld

FW sent out their weekly email this morning detailing what to expect at the FW open day

In it are a few pictures of up and coming releases

Destroyer squad in what looks like modified MKIV armour. Got to love the dual bolt pistols!

Black Hawk down! Crashed Thunderhawk Gunship looks to be a very nice board.

And then we have the entrenched earthworks that was previewed under construction in a recent WD. Nice enough but rather uninspiring

Author of the Fall of Orpheus (Volume 12 of the Imperial Armour series) Alan Bligh talks about the new book

FW open day is this Sunday so expect to see a bunch of pictures over the next few days showing upcoming projects


  1. More Night Lords stuff, they should just bite the bullet and do a Night Lords Pre-heresy transfer sheet now prior to the books release

    1. Looks like you won't have to wait long. Pictures of a Night Lords transfer sheet are circulating after this weekends Open Day