Monday, 6 May 2013

Tablescapes - by Secret Weapon Minatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures has just passed the $200,000 mark on its Kickstarter campaign, unlocking the rolling fields tile set!

This is the first 'fantasy' themed tile set in the range that SWM is hoping to produce and its unlocking will hopefully spell an increase in pledges to unlock the next set of 16 unique tiles, 'Ruined Temple', which just so happens to be the main set I am after

With under 1 week to go the goal is $280,000. At $190 USD for a 4x6 table the pricing is rather sharp. You get 24 1' by 1' tiles of which up to 16 are unique (depending on theme).

As an intermediate step SWM has a display board of the 'Ruined Temple' theme unlocked at $240,000 mark.

If you are interested in a modular gaming table or just a 2'x2' display board, go check them here

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