Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Horus Heresy Upcoming Releases

After the recent Horus Heresy Weekender there has been a massive dump of new rumours, pictures and information about the next and upcoming Horus Heresy Books.

We now know the following:

The HH books will be released in trilogy's, with the first trilogy centring around the Isstvaan Campaign.
Book 1: Betrayal
Book 2: The Drop Site Massacre
Book 3: Part 2 of Istvaan V and the battle of Phall

Book 2 includes: Due in a few months
Iron hands
Word Bearers
Night Lords

Book 3 includes: Due end of year
Raven Guard
Iron Warriors
Alpha Legion

Expect more Primarchs
More tanks
More legion Special Units

Whats the next Trilogy???
Book 1 Prospero (So presumably Space Puppys and 1001 sons)
Book 2 Calth (Smurfs? more world eaters/bearers?)
Book 3 Signus (Blood Angels & maybe Daemons?)

Dudes that burn a civilization to the ground

Emperors Children Termi varient

 Nuff said

 First iteration of the evolution of Noise marines... Pete will buy over 9000 of these

New Legion tanks. Me likely!

Apparently has many weapons variations. Looks like twin link Autocannon here

 New Drop pod (ship) that can move after it lands and causes impact damage

 Mechanicum Dreadnoughts... Must resist...

 Not a chance. 3 will do right?

 Loving the Mechanicum love!

 Apparently we will see more Titan varieties

 Erebus is done.

But he is awaiting best buddy Kor Phaeron for the large scenic base (like Abbadon & Loken)



Yo yo dis iz ma drop pod, it go drop like dis yo.

The Emperors Courtyard

And last but not least, Another Fulgrim. He looks a bit different than the other leaked images

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