Saturday, 25 May 2013

Forgeworld New Releases

The last of the previewed Necrons from Fall of Orpheus has been released
In the ages-old Necron panoplies of war, the Canoptek Tomb Sentinel is all but unique. One of the last war machines designed by the Cryptek master-artificer Toholk the Blinded, at the Silent King’s command it was given over to the Praetorians for wider dissemination across the Necron dynasties before the Great Sleep. 

Both guardian and aggressor, the Tomb Sentinel is a heavily modified variant of the insectile Tomb Stalker, which forgoes that device’s hellish close combat ability and instead mounts an Exile cannon, a powerful weapon which blasts objects out of existence, casting them into other dimensional realms beyond the material universe. Phasing through the paltry defences of lesser races like a phantom, the Canoptek Tomb Sentinel can deploy this terrible device into the close confines of an enemy stronghold with devastating effects. 

 The Canoptek Tomb Sentinel is a detailed multi-part resin kit designed by Will Hayes which offers a wealth of dynamic modelling opportunities, much like the Tomb Stalker. This model is available to pre-order nowfor despatch from Friday 31st May. 

I only hope FW will do some characters and upgrade kits to customize/build the different Cryptek variants...

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