Sunday, 27 January 2013

WOC release - Movers and Shakers edition

So some interesting observations have been made with the new WOC stuff going up for pre-order on the GW website

There is a few movers and shakers in the WOC force organisation

Forsaken are listed under core
Chariots are also now core
The chariot beast option is special
As is the re-release of the SoM Chimera - wait! an unmounted monster in special (yay for 5th edition)
The new big gribblies are sitting under rare
And rejoice, the Hellcannon is still there (some people where worried it would be cut)
Also, interestingly the war altar has moved into special....


  1. Is it me or would those Dr'ogres make good bases for scultpting your own Zoats ;)

    I like the idea of more monsters for chaos should make some cool looking armies (if they're any good I guess!)

    I noticed on the webstore they don't have the profiles under the entries anymore so the anticipation is killing me!

  2. Now that you mention it...

    They have also stop listing points cost in the WD battle reports.

    Hopefully with all the new stuff out recently for WOC means there will be a diverse range of armies at the other end.