Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Finecast Formula?

Everyone knows by now what a failure the Finecast launch ended up being, with warped moulds and models missing large parts in detail, not to mention how frail the material is. Models once made in metal but now converted to finecast carry a nice premium on the second hand market thanks to all the problems of what has been dubbed "failcast" by the market.

However of late some people have been noticing less miscasts and a harder, more durable resin being used on finecast miniatures. The models have a bit more weight behind them now as well. Has GW changed the formula for finecast on the sly? Is it now the same material as Forgeworld resin? I for one am interested, as I do not mind working with Forgeworld resin at all. This really came to the fore with the recent Dark Angels releases, some noting how heavy the new casts of Sammael on his jetbike are, and the lack of miscasts.

One can only hope there is more substance to this

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