Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rumors - Daemons and Fliers

If you bother to follow the rumour mill you would have hardly missed all the contradicting 'ideas' floating out there in cyber space at the moment. A quick recap and we have:

Daemons! Consisting of a dual release for both Fantasy and 40k both in hardback. Models are rumoured to include a Bloodthirster and Great Unclean One in plastic! with finecast upgrade kits to make special characters. A new Nurgle unit that is like a plaugebearer on a fly? and a Chariot with an option for some sort of flaming cannon (although this last one has mentioned the Tzeentch getting the cannon option). Theres also plastic furies on the horizon according to some.

Some interesting stuff here, and my take lends me to think that we will get the two new greater Deamons in plastic with some sort of options in the kit to make a special character (think Emperor Karl Franz) with the other two being released later in the year in a wave. A new Khorne chariot that is a dual kit, but its hard to believe it will have a ranged option on it as this is unusual in Khorne fluff (at least in fantasy). I believe we would then see a flying Tzeentch chariot pulled by screamers with a flaming cannon (dual kit as well) with the second wave greater Daemon release. Don't know how to place the Nurgle Fly-ers. Suppose this could be a  the replacement for a chariot option or will we see a Nurgle chariot in a second wave?

The Daemons do get my blood running as I have been wanting to brush off my Daemon army ever since the new Slannesh chariots where released, so I am secretly hoping the plastic Greater Daemon rumours are true, as I am not a fan of the current GUO and BT.

The other rumour rearing its head at the moment is another flier wave for 40k consisting of the Dark Eldar Void Bomber, a Tau flier, the Harpy and an Eldar flier. Whats unusual here is that its 4 large plastic kits in a month. As far as I can remember GW generally releases only 3 plastic kits at a time, so lets just hope to be pleasantly surprised.

As for timing, there is a huge amount of conflict here. But I would put a penny on Fliers wave for Feb and Daemons in March (Pre order late feb). I can't remember the last time GW did back to back books for fantasy/40k.

I guess we will all find out early next week when the WD gets leaked

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