Thursday, 3 January 2013

A New Beginning

So this is my first post for the new year, after a very quiet blogging month in December. I had not found much time at all to do anything hobby related during the silly season, much to my disappointment, and the world didn't end, much to my amusement!

So 2013 starts off with a big self serving xmas present to myself in the form of a new army...

After spending all of 2012 marching the dead legions to war, I am starting on a new journey for 2013. I achieved all the goals I had set myself with my Tomb Kings at the beginning of the year. Often regarded as the weakest of the new books and a bottom tier army in the competitive arena, I managed to get a tournament win (4 wins in the end!), made it to the masters tournament, and get selected to team NZ ETC 2013.

This year I enter the slave trade. The Dawi Zharr will march forth from their Ziggurats in the far east scouring the lands for more victims to toil in the blasted forges of the fallen ones. Not only will my new slavers see the light of the old world, so will my retired army of Daemons come to the fore when/if the rumoured new book arrives this February. 

These will be my major projects for the year. In addition I have some other things I wish to finish off. I started making a modular gaming table mid last year that typically never got finished. I also have my Horus Heresy legion that I started, although I am wavering on the actual legion, I want to get 1500-2000 points done by 2014 (I have quickly begun to hate painting yellow). There is also the apocalypse scale Necron army that needs to be refreshed and finished.

So my New Years Hobby goals are

  • Build a Chaos Dwarf army
  • Rebuild my Daemon army
  • Finish my modular gaming table
  • Finish painting my Necron army
  • Make a 1500 point Horus Heresy Legion
  • Buy and paint a Titan (or something else as epically scaled)
  • Find some other project to throw me completely off my other goals 
Some hefty goals to achieve, and probably unrealistic knowing how good I am at procrastinating. Somewhere in all that I hope to finish painting my Tomb Kings which sit 90% done.

And I guess I should throw down my gaming goals as well, since I do enjoy the competitive side of Warhammer. NZ has such a great WHFB community at the moment and a tournament environment that has solidly moved into the little to no comp environment.
  • Attend 3 NZ WHFB Tournaments
  • Win a NZ Tournament
  • Achieve a podium at NZ Masters (providing I actually make it that far!)
  • Attend the ETC

I would also like to organise and/or run a tournament this year, but thanks to my location I do not think this is a realistic goal. 

At the end of the year I will dig this post up gain and see how well I have done.

Oh and lol puppies will feature this year. You have been warned.

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