Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ouch: AoS price list...

Confirmed! AoS will not sell well in NZ! (well at least from NZ retailers)

Almost 40% more than UKrrp, even 10% more than our Aussie cousins (where NZ sources the product from)

A quick search around the internet and I can see pre-orders that will ship to kiwi land for about $155 inc shipping.

White Dwarf also confirms that the downloads for all the existing range are free, as is the 4 page rule book, available on Apple app store and from GW website.  


  1. So on top of hardly any balance, child friendly rules and Sigmarines now we have another reason not to buy into the new game, the price tag

    1. My shopping list so far is the free rule book, WD issue #75, the free download of all the warscrolls, and the new BL book Gates of Azyr.
      About $25 all up

    2. With everything thats come out in the last 24 hours i feel like the game isn't for me, the removal points and the introduction of Warscroll Balance was a big negative for me.

      The free rules are nice but i feel likes it too little too late, if they did the free rules thing at the start of 8th then that would be great but now with this release the announcement of free rules doesnt seem as big

  2. 40% more. So what? Are there any wargamers in NZ who haven't yet figured out how to use YouPost?

  3. Or more to the point figured out that GW hates you and given up playing their games already!