Thursday, 2 July 2015

AoS: There be pictures!

Formations just like 40k!

So the new fluff picks up after the new 8 realms have been created. 7 remain after the coming of Chaos. I can only assume the 8th realm is the celestial which is no longer a mortal realm. 8 realms, 8 winds of magic. That's the connection

Within the 8 new realms are 4 factions. Think the forces of the death (Nagash's forces, undead ), forces of order (Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Lizardmen? Simgars lot), forces of destruction (Orcs and Goblins etc Gork and Mork unite to become Gorkamorka!) and of course forces of Chaos (Chaos gods, Skaven?)

Bases don't matter bro. You been told.
As far as a potential tournament scene goes, count on there being a basing chart and round base convention for new stuff. 

New paint profiles so we can choose our chapter!

Newly painted undead stuff looks amazing!

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