Monday, 13 July 2015

Age of Sigmar Base Conversion Chart completed

I have finished the first part of my attempt at trying to make a playable tournament system out of Age of Sigmar.

The following link has a base conversion chart from existing models range to GW standard round/oval bases. The intent here is to create a starting point for establishing a basing standard, as I believe any competitive tournament system will require the rules to be changed to measure from the bases (not the model)

You can find it here: Plastic Krak Age of Sigmar Base Conversion Chart

Please feel free to give feedback and let me know if there are any mistakes/issues with the document



NB: I'm aware some of these bases are not readily available yet (specifically the 70x105mm and 35x60mm), but no doubt as they are the newer types they will be made available from GW soon. 3rd party manufacturers are already producing scenic versions.


  1. I find this quite useful, thank you! Particularly because I am not quite au fait with the new oval sizes. I've been trying to figure out what to put Nagash on to, and thought that the White Dwarf photo might have been 100mm round, or even 120 x 95 mm. I think some of the other large models might be able to get away with a smaller oval as well. I do understand the desire to standardise across all forces, however.

    Also bear in mind the new base size, found in the starter set - 50 x 90 mm, which might be a better suit for the likes of chariots, Mortarchs and Morghasts.

    I've already put the likes of Konrad and Kemmler onto 25mm for a Mordheim warband, and will probably put as many as possible on that size to make it easier for 'piling in', but I like that you list characters with a bit more 'presence' onto larger bases. Leaves a bit more possibility for special modelling attention.

    1. Cheers. The intention was to have characters with a large presence, and most of my trials they look great on larger bases, giving more freedom to customize them.
      I've found chariots require a larger than normal base as they do not fit on the 70x105mm thanks to round edges.
      I was not aware of the 50x90mm size. Is it not the 45x75mm?

    2. Yep I think you're right about the chariots now that I've looked again.

      Starter set bases are definitely 50 x 90 though, and they seem to match fairly well with the demigryph/morghast square bases, with a bit more space than 75 x 45 for larger models. The new Dracoth wouldn't fit, for example.

    3. I'll check my measurements tonight. What other kits does the 50x90mm come in?

    4. As far as I know it's just the starter kit that has included them (not available separately on the website yet or in any older kits), but I'd wager my beard there will be models coming up further down the release schedule that will use them...

  2. This is great. I just looked through the dwarf list. What do you mean by 60mm/70x10 (should this be 60mm/ 70x100??) for some of the rare and special entries?

  3. Saw on FB that the Chaos Knights apparently come on 75x46mm?

  4. Thank you for this! very useful.