Saturday, 11 July 2015

Mantic releases Kings of War version 2

Go check out the rules. They look ok, with movement similar to 7th edition but combat/shooting closer to AoS

The rules can be found here

The game is far more basic than what we are use to with 8th edition,with a regiment styled organisation instead of model, and far less customisation, but it is also streamlined and less ambiguous. 

There are currently 9 army lists released which can be found on this page

Mantic has the timing sorted, however I am not so sure it is a replacement for 8th edition, as the customisation is not there, nor some of the complexity


  1. These guys are getting plenty of nerdrage as well since the free army lists apparently don't contain everything that's in the official hardcover book.
    Ah, wargamers...

    1. To be fair, it's only $20 for the book.
      I'm not sure it's offering the depth people want

  2. It lacks the depth yes but also lacks the really stupid and lame spells and models that 8th had too. This is much more a wargame than spellhammer that's for sure