Tuesday, 2 September 2014

White Dwarf: Morghasts released

This coming weeks White Dwarf is doing the rounds on Twitter already. This time we see the much awaited Morghast variants. I posted earlier here how huge they are

They come in at $113 for a box of two. Although the price is steep, I was expecting about $98 for 1!

The box can build the two variants, Harbingers and Archai, which basically mean they get different weapons.

And in this weeks release we also get the new Spirit Hosts. These models tie in well with the new Undead legion releases and also offer a through back to the likes of the Coven Throne. 

With these few release Vampire Counts are looking to be one of the nicest ranges of models in Games Workshops line up. Once they re-sculpt the zombies and release a few odds and ends like the Bats, job done right? I hope not...

Now if only Tomb Kings would get this type of treatment. Hurry up and makke new core skellies!

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