Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Space Hulk re-release confirmed

So this weeks White Dwarf confirms Space Hulk is being re- released, and ends one of the most amazing releases Games Workshop has done in recent times.
So much so that several exclusively 40k players down this way have made the jump and started WHFB!

Yup same edition as last time, but now it includes four additional missions, and some additional counters and gaming material.

Model range remains the same

White Dwarf includes some new missions. I'm unsure if these are the new ones or in addition to new ones in the box?

So rumours are surfacing next week is a 40k release, presumably Dark Eldar (Necrons are just as likely IMO) and then on to an expected second End of Times book focusing on Chaos forces. Rejoice, the all stars will be reunited once again!


  1. What issue of WD is it that has the Space Hulk missions in it?

    1. 33