Monday, 29 September 2014

40 days of 40K

Its been a week so far on this little side journey from my usual flavour of plastic krak, so what better time than to post some updates!

 I've been busy this last week making up several kits including a Sicaran, 3 Predators, 2 Vinidcators, 2 Drop Pods, a Land Raider Protos, 30 Devastators 10 Assault and 20 Tactical Marines in MkIV armour + some assorted Mechanicus infantry.

Over the weekend I got a chance to get some undercoats, basecoats and varnish on in preparation for the chipping mediums.

I've also ordered 10 Destroyer's and some brass Icons that I will use to make up some Sternguard. We'll see how well that goes...


  1. Jossy what colour did you use to base coat? Is it Vallejo model Air burnt umber? Also I was curious as to what product you are using to varnish on top of that?

  2. Its Vallejo German Red-Brown surface primer. Im also using Vallejo Satin varnish through the airbrush