Sunday, 21 September 2014

40 days of 40k...

So I've been having a bit of hobby block lately after spending most of the year playing ETC Hammer in preparation for the ETC WHFB event.

In an attempt to change things up a little I am going to invest some time into painting up my predominantly Forgeworld 40k army. There is a 1850 point 40K singles event coming up thats kinda local, so thats the goal. This will also give me something else to use against the local players around here, who mainly play 40k.

I have no clue about what's the go and what's not, so the rule of cool will be the answer. I have never played a game of 7th edition so I will be painting what interests me mainly.

Starting with the Fire Raptor I started a few months ago, and then most likely onto the Fellblade I have half finished on my desk.

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