Monday, 27 August 2012

Taking Stock - Tomb Kings

I spent some time over the weekend sorting through my Tomb Kings army with what I have and what I still have to actually build. I did not realize how much I have actually amassed so far! Ive split them into three catagories: Painted, for those models who are at least at tabletop standard and based; Assembled, for those that have been cleaned and built; and the biggest pile: Unassembled....

100 Skeleton Archers
2 Warsphinx
1 Necrosphinx
6 Necropolis Knights
2 Casket of Souls
2 Screaming Skull Catapults
2 Liche Priests
1 Tomb King
1 Khalida
40 Tomb Guard with Sword and Shield
15 Horse Archers
8 Ushabti with Great Bows

1 Warsphinx
1 Necrosphinx
3 Sepultural Stalkers
4 Necropolis Knights
6 Chariots
1 Tomb Scorpion
1 Carrion
3 Ushabti with Great Weapons
10 Tomb Guard with Sword and Shield
2 Tomb Kings
5 Horse Archers

21 Chariots
3 Sepultural Stalkers
2 Necropolis Knights
5 Carrion
1 Ushabti with Great Bow
3 Ushabti with Great Weapons
120 Skeleton Warriors with Scimitars
120 Skeleton Warriors with Spears
100 Skeleton Archers
50 Tomb Guard with Halberds
3 Tomb Kings
3 Liche Priests
10 Horse Archers
18 Skeleton Horsemen

And then there is the want list:
6 Necropolis Knights
3 carrion
2 Tomb Scorpions
1 Arkan on Chariot 
1 Settra on Chariot
1 Ramhotep
1 Apophis
1 Khatep
7 Ushabti with Great bows
12 Ushabti with Great Weapons
2 Colossus
2 Hierotitans
3 Necrotechs
1 Icon Bearer

All in all approximation 15,000 points of Tomb Kings before magic items. no doubt the list may grow a little as well....
I'm not addicted, no. I can stop any time! Now to plan the next army....

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