Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The March to War

Just a quick update

My next tournament is coming up in a little over two weeks. I am flying up to the capital to attend Call to Arms for the first time. Last year there was a field of 24 with a campaign running alongside with another 18 or so involved, so I had anticipated another good turnout (after Horned Rat drawing 30) for fantasy. Alas, with the recent update from the TO it appears only 18 or so have signed up. Call to Arms has several other systems holding events, including Flames of War, 40k and some other unmentionables, all getting good numbers. Maybe its the draw of new 6th edition 40k affecting Fantasy numbers, but hopefully their is a last minute rush for participants.

The one thing that makes this tournament different to the usual flavours thrown about in New Zealand is it allows special characters. This may seem odd to some international communities, but around these parts named characters have always been frowned upon for their broken nature. Once upon a time this may have been true, (and probably is still true with the 7th edition ones) but with the latest incarnations of Army Books in 8th, there appears to be a much more balanced approach.

At any rate this will be the first time I have ever used a named character in 8th. To the point with such little time left, I dont even think I will have a chance to play test any lists. Ive done some theory building, and trawlled through the Tomb Kings forums, and so far and come up with ideas.

  • Arkhan built around a mobile list. Chariots and horsemen for core, Necropolis Knights for special, and Necrosphinx amd Collosus for rares
  • Combined arms approach with my usual build, but Khatep and Ramhotep for some loremaster and 3+ rerollable save goodness
  • Defensive list built around Khalilda and a ton of archers
Its all new for me, so should be a good spin on things. I have no real idea what to expect with opposition armys, but no doubt there will be some broken nastyness and cheese. I have till the 10th of August to finalise.

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