Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Necrons from Forgeworld

So last weekend I found the latest newsletter from Forgeworld in my inbox sporting some new space Egyptians.
Dubbed 'Necron Hornets' by some, the Necron Canoptek Acanthrites have enough of the standard necron design concepts to fit into a force nicely.

More importantly, they provide rules to bring a jump pack mounted melta gun to the field, and at the same time are not to shabby in the CC department

From Forgeworld:

"Resembling monstrous, artificial insects enfolded in shadowed wings of tenebrous force that propel them through the skies, Canoptek Acanthrites are murderous Necron constructs created for a single purpose – the destruction of those who have dared to claim the worlds of the ancient Necron empire as their own. Their agile, coiling tails are tipped with hyper-phased voidblades and they are armed with high-powered thermal cutting beams, and this potent armament allows them to carve and dissemble solid matter with horrifying speed. Unsurprisingly, when these devastating weapons are turned upon frail flesh the results are terrible to behold.

Canoptek Acanthrites are often encountered in the vanguard of Necron assault spearheads and extermination campaigns, and their numbers vary from a mere handful to vast hosts of these abhorrent machine-locusts, capable of stripping a city down to rubble and slaughtering its inhabitants in a merciless tide of destruction. "
With a T5 and 3+ save, these jump infantry are basically 3 wound destroyers with strength 6 melta guns. Along with the 2 attacks from a voidblade in CC, they represent rather good value at 45 points a piece. Where they loose value is the 36 squid price tag for 3... coming in at about $25 NZD each... its still cheaper than wraiths however.

Aesthetically, they 'look' like Necrons, but in my opinion they could have turned out a little better. The models just look a little awkward. Still, I reserve judgement until I have some in my hands. Yeah, I'm a sucker for my space Egyptians just like my Tomb Kings.

Hopefully this will be the worst release for Necrons (I'm ignoring the horrible scarabs, they where never sculpted!) from Forgeworld, as the rumors beating around atm are the next book due from Forgeworld is a Imperial vs Necron. One can only hope!

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