Monday, 20 August 2012

Call to Arms - Results

Call to Arms was held over the weekend of the 18th-19th August in our windy capital, and I am happy to say my Tomb Kings came off with another victory!

1TimJossTomb Kings86.3551.352510
1TomDunnDaemons of Chaos86.3551.352510
3Sam WhittOrcs & Goblins80.5045.502510
4Joelvan de Ven-LongHigh Elves78.5543.552510
5ReidPittamsVampire Counts74.0039.002510
7RaymondDickVampire Counts73.3538.352510
8BasilMoskovisVampire Counts71.4036.402510
9HamishGordonWarriors of Chaos69.4534.452510
11MichaelVercoeWarriors of Chaos68.1533.152510
16JamesMilnerHigh Elves63.5530.55258
19Alistair DennisonWarriors of Chaos61.0026.002510
20KentJacksonVampire Counts59.9527.95257
21AaronHodsonOgre Kingdoms49.2018.20256
22NicholasJebsonOrcs & Goblins47.3014.30258
23JoshuaKennedyDark Elves46.1520.15251
24MathewCollettHigh Elves40.4010.40255

In the end I was tied for first place with Tom. Tom is the son of New Zealands current no.1 player and I dare say the apple dosnt fall far from the tree. It was a tough field with me fighting two VC and two Chaos Warrior armies finally to fight a very tooth and nail match against Sam's Orcs.
Some may remember Sam smashed me last time I was in Wellington with his K'daai (I think there was some Chaos Dwarfs there to I think). I got some pay back this time.
Unfortunatley Tom and I did not get a match up this time around, one that I was looking forward to. Tom had other ideas =). I've challenged Tom to a grudge match next tournament.

I will post full battle reports over the next few days

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