Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Southcon 2012/Comp rant

Southcon 2012 is on this Queens Birthday weekend in Dunedin, and once again I've managed to leave everything to the last minute... Thank Ptra most of my army is painted already

Having won Southcon last year with my greenskins, I've submitted my list last week for the title defence:

Prince with great weapon and armour of protection
L4 Hierophant Liche Priest with dispel scroll
L2 Death priest
38 Tomb Guard
2 units of 20 archers
3 units of 10 archers
2 units of 5 horse archers
6 Necroknights

Nothing green this year bar the bar the orb on my Liche

SouthCon will be a 6 round 2400 point tournament with scenarios, and has hard caps in place of max 12 PD in a phase and 0-1 of any rare selection over 70 points, on top of 450 points/50 model limit to any unit. Max 4 war machines and some other hard caps... the field is 20 strong this time up from 16 last year.

Warning! Ranting and whining to follow:

Some will say cry me a river, but why do people insist on trying to "fix" things with blanket comp. Clue. It doesn't work! 0-1 rares? oh yay no double hydras and other wot not. But then armies like Tomb Kings get stiffed by only 1 war machine, where empire will still bring cannons and rockets and volley guns gallour... And I'm sure goblins have a thing or two to say about unit size cap. Points cap is enough! 8th edition changed the playing field away from MSU, but unfortunately there are still some out there that want to play Warhammer 7.5.

And then there is the horrible b*****d child that is the comp system for Conquest in Christchurch (October)... All rares 0-1, all specials 0-2... someone get a clue and stop trying to wreck this game. What is trying to be achieved here? Nobody knows, but these two little gems of the south are swimming against the current and introducing harder and harder comp, where every other tourney is starting to embrace 8th and relaxing it. There is a point of no return coming up and the comp will just start spiralling out of control very soon. Safe to say I might just enter my first 40k comp ever instead at Conquest, where there is no comp to be seen! should be a bloody affair as it will probably be the very first event in NZ to be held under 6th edition. I've played the guy who is organising it before and hes a top bloke! (Hi Wes)

Am I bitter cause I cant take my toys? Hell yes! (To be fair, the only thing that my normal list cant take is the second catapult, and other than that its just the poorly implemented restrictions on the magic phase that hurt)

/end rant

Oh and about that last minute stuff. Apparently someone (me) didn't bother to make a Necrosphinx, so now I have 2 evenings to complete said Necrosphinx, and that's on top of the half dozen wraiths and triarch stalker that I promised to a friend to borrow for the event....

Sleep.. Whats that?


  1. You don't need sleep just wargame all weekend mate! Good luck at southCon and defending the title too. Expect batreps and lotsa reports on the B*****d child stories all in good prep for GuardCon come September.

    1. Well I managed to finish all the assembly and under coating/base coating last night. Airbrushes are great things! I even got the first stages and a wash done on the marble effect for the Sphinx. At this rate I might just drive to the venue from my house Saturday morning. its only 2.5 hours.

  2. I have similar issues with some comp's I have seen.... No double rates hurts green skins a lot! All of our toys are there... At our tauranga tourney with no comp, the double hydra list struggled, double verghast got owned by a couple of people... Dan's double HPA was moderately horrible and finished 2nd, although I beat it... Even Fozzriks folding cheese factory of doom (6 stories filled with hand gunners) had a difficult time of it...

    Looking forward to catching you at guard con, hoping to change dates of Tauranga event so it makes it easier for people to play both.

    good luck this weekend, I am heading up to NICON, so will look forward to reading the write ups next week!

  3. I've only ever found that alot of hard caps that apply to every list only do two things. Reduces the numbers attending and narrows the field to one build type. Snore. for sure there needs to be some tempered approach to some list, but only really a handful of 7th edition ones.