Monday, 7 May 2012

Results for Horned Rat V

Its all over for another year now and the results are in from Horned Rat V in Wellington

Very close results throughout the field, but with a clear winner! I placed 4th overall, 1 BP off 3rd place.

1Pete Dunn93.70
2Peter Williamson84.60
3Hagen Kerr80.40
4Tim Joss79.70
5Rory Finnermore78.30
6Tom Dunn78.30
7Mal Patel74.10
8Mike King72.70
9Bo Patterson69.90
10Locky Reid69.90
11Sam Whitt69.20
12Glen Burfield67.10
13Ben Wadsworth65.70
14James Millington63.60
15Hugh Dixon62.90
16Stuart Robinson62.90
17Hamish Gordon60.80
18Dave Appleby59.20
19Gavin Stewart58.00
20Matthew Hassall58.00
21Ryan Lister57.90
22Mathew Collett57.00
23Josh Kennedy54.30
24Joel van de Ven-Long51.70
25Neil Williamson51.70
26Alex Abernethy48.90
27Simon Switzer47.30
28John Murie45.40
29Kent Jackson45.20
30Nicholas Jebson44.60

I'll be putting up some battle reports soon with some reflections on the latest variation of my list

A call out for Raymond for being TO of the event. It was great event and well run. Thanks for giving up your weekend!

Also a special thanks to Pete Dunn for putting me up (or putting up with me) for a few nights! I recon his house must focus the inner chi (or in my case bind my bones to my will better) as 4 out of the top 6 where staying at his place over the weekend!

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