Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2012 Release Predictions

We are almost half way through the year and there is alot of talk on the interwebs of whats to come.
I thought I would post my predictions here so I can look back and see how close they where at the end of the year

  • June: Fantasy release, either High Elves or Dwarfs book. (Personaly I want to see a Fantasy wave that includes the Collosus and Hierotitan, but its not likley) - pre orders up on May 26th/June 2nd
  • July: 40k 6th Edition Hardback book - pre orders up on June 30th
  • August: Fantasy Warriors of Chaos book - pre orders up on July 28th
  • September: 40k 6th Edition box set - pre orders up on August 25th/September 1st
  • October: Mystery box! Could be Blood Bowl but more likley a 40k orientated release (possibly swaped with November)
  • November: Hobit/LOTR release (possibly swaped with October)
  • December: nothing of note, some finecast conversions and army deals

So thats it. Thats right no 40k Codex until January/Feburary IMO. 2 new Warhammer Fantasy books and a focus on 40k 6th Edition. If we are lucky we could see some new kits come out alongside the 6th edition release in July (the fliers everyone is talking about), however I think it is unlikley we will see anything else in September.

As for the first 6th Codex's, vanila Space Marines followed by Chaos Legions... in 2013!

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